My name is Megan and I'm a 22 year-old photographer serving Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York City (willing to travel). I've studied photography at Parsons The New School For Design and the University of Connecticut and I currently work full time as an in hospital newborn photographer, photographing over 400 babies to date so far. My areas of specialty include fine art, portraits and live music, but I am also available for more if you send me a message. I find no greater joy than being able to create and capture stories that can be saved and shared for years to come.

Some of my commercial clients include Shelfies, Pink Pretty Bikini, Always Again USA and Adrift Luxe Jewelry.

Fine Art Artist Bio

Search, endure, understand, prevail, release; five words that could be used to describe the messages behind Megan's work. With the exception of one year spent studying at Parsons The New School For Design in 2015, she is a self-taught artist. Megan has been taking photographs since she was a child, but has mainly been working on honing her craft since 2012. Some of her original influences include Brooke Shaden, Alex Stoddard and Rosie Hardy. She uses composite photography to create surreal worlds and scenarios that visualize different emotions and concepts. In doing so, she hopes to provoke the viewer to have a reaction to either extreme. Someone once said, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,” and this ideology is a common theme throughout her work. However, creating a piece in which the viewer can say, “I’ve felt that too,” is the ultimate goal in her creation process.

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